About Us

Meredith Sadoulet, Founder and CEO of ProFound, has a personal connection to and professional experience, including corporate and national Board experience, with disability inclusion.

A picture of Meredith Sadoulet, Founder and CEO of Profound.

Meredith Sadoulet

Founder and CEO


Meredith has spent over 20 years in large-scale, global Fortune 100 companies implementing workforce strategies for leadership development, recruitment, organizational performance, and diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI).

During her career, she has launched award-winning future of work innovations across numerous industries that have benefited the careers of thousands of leaders, from early career high potential professionals through C-suite executives and CEOs. Meredith prepared for her role as Founder by incubating a startup within a corporate accelerator in a Fortune 30 company.

Our Advisors

Danielle Cohn Photo

Danielle Cohn

Innovation Executive and venture accelerator

Hamoon Ekhtiari

Founder, CEO and future of work strategist

Russell Lehmann Photo

Russell Lehmann

Award-winning international public speaker and poet

Jonna Sjövall Photo

Jonna Sjövall

Branding / Marketing Executive and marketer of the year awardee

Rahsaan Harris Photo

Rahsaan Harris

PhD, CEO and socio-economic diversity thought leader

Jerry Marcus Photo

Jerry Marcus

Process Engineer and DEI leader

Kendra Lee Photo

Kendra Lee

DEI Executive and status quo disruptor

Tom Wlodkowski Photo

Tom Wlodkowski

Accessibility Executive and groundbreaking product developer